Roni’s Body Transformation: WEEK 6 Power Trip – Food Is Fuel

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I’m going to title this week’s blog post “The Mind Shift.” And I’d like to place special emphasis on the word shift.

First, let’s talk about shifting into “first gear.” I used to think of breakfast as just a cup of coffee before a long day of work. But now I start my mornings by shifting into first gear, enjoying a protein-rich, complete breakfast meal. I also do my morning cardio to warm up the engine. So, since starting this transformation and this new breakfast and cardio routine, I have been “taking off for the day.”

What does that mean? Well, I’ve released the clutch and have power and energy to move forward with my busy days, without burning out mid-day, or even in the evenings.

So here we go. I’ll start my day at work and, after a couple of hours, I shift again into second gear, eating my second meal of the day. As I accelerate through the work day, I sometimes find myself stopping and thinking: How did I ever have any energy before I changed my lifestyle?

I didn’t use to fuel my body in the ways it needed, or when it needed, and I had been struggling through my work hours on only the jittery power of coffee fuel. Now, as the day moves on and my work day continues, I keep “shifting gears,” consuming my next meal to nutritiously power me through the next stage of my day – all my meals are prepared and portioned beforehand. I imagine a sports car accelerating, and each time it needs more power, a “shift” is made, the car is re-fueled, and it moves forward with optimal power and performance. As each day of this past week went by, I’ve been diligently “shifting my gears,” fueling myself properly and efficiently, and getting through my days with energy, stamina and confidence.

roni secondAll of this acceleration throughout the day properly prepares me for my weight training sessions. Yes, that’s right –after a full work day, I have the power and strength and drive to muscle my way through an intense workout. And just like that, I hit every gear, and the engine keeps purring! And all of my shifting, done in the right ways at the right times, allows me to cross the finish line of another day on my Lean On Life journey. Finally, I can confidently say that I’m loving this lifestyle. It feels incredible.

Trainer Josh Leo’s Personal Notes:

This week was an extremely challenging and rough week for Roni. With the commitment to the meal plan and training very hard, Roni’s body has stopped responding to its maximal efficiency. This is normal in these kinds of situations – being on a plan with low carbs and fats for an extended period of time can start to be taxing on the body and hinder results.

Roni's Transformation

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For this week, I opted to give her a “Re-Feed Week.” We have increased the macronutrient intake by a small amount, in both carbohydrates and healthy fats (fuel sources), but the protein amount has remained the same. This activates the hormone called leptin, which stimulates hunger and has much to do with metabolic control. The release of this hormone caused a spike, allowing Roni’s body to re-charge while maintaining visible physical results. Roni looked quite fatigued and flat after last week, so I decided that this diet change was necessary to pick her back up and keep her moving onward and upward.

I have increased her carbohydrate intake by 30% and her fats by 15%.This allowed her to feel fuller, and pumped some much-needed nutrients and glycogen into her muscle bellies and into her liver.

For her fitness program this week, we worked on shaping her arms and shoulders a little more, as well as her mid-section. Roni’s legs and back have made great changes in development. Our goal now is to re-fuel and head into the final stretch of this transformation journey with full force, charging with energy toward her final goals.

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