Processed Foods Banned Everywhere But Still Sold In US

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Nowadays, Americans are becoming more cautious about what they eat on a daily basis. Did you know that several foods sold in America are quite inferior to same foodstuffs sold in other countries? Indeed, you’ll be surprised to know that some of the popular US foods you consume tastefully are just banned in the other nations.         

China, European Union, and some other superpowers have already outlawed the selling of highly processed foods that may cause serious health issues when consumed. Here’s a list of specific foods that are prohibited elsewhere, but not in the United States. Read on to know more about these harmful food items and potential ways to avert them.

Artificial Dyes and Processed Foods


Processed foods are loaded with various artificial flavorings and colorings. Although these artificial stuffs enhance the appeal and the flavor of your food, they’re totally needless and highly dangerous to your health. A normal processed US food contains several flavorings, preservatives and colors that have been expelled in other nations.

Common preservatives like Blue #2, Yellow #5, Red #40 and etc., can cause birth defects, Cancer, behavioral problems, and lots of other health problems in animals. Red #40 and Yellow #6 are linked with migraines in adults and some allergy-like hypersensitivity problems in children.  

  • Found in – Sports drinks, cake mixes, candy, and even cheese and macaroni.
  • Where it’s banned – Finland, Austria, Norway, the U.K. and France
  • Alternatives – Using naturally found colorants like beetroot, turmeric and paprika, is a finest option to artificial food dyes. They enhance the flavor and look of food in a better authentic manner.

GE (Genetically Engineered) Papaya

GMO papaya

US food industry imports papaya largely from Hawaii. Nowadays, these Hawaiian papayas are getting genetically engineered (genetically modified) to resist the ringspot virus. The animals fed genetically modified foods, like corn and soy, suffer massive tumors and intestinal damage, birth defects, multiple-organ damage and premature death.

The lab experiments for effects of GM foods on human are still immature to tabulate the human casualties.

  • Where it is barred – The European Union

Farm-raised Salmon

Farm-raised Salmon

Fish serves you a number of health benefits, but if you want to grab full benefits of your sea-food, you should ward off the farmed fish. The farmed fish, specifically salmon, are completely raised on unnatural diet that includes GE grains, chemicals and antibiotics, all unsafe for humans. In addition, they are also given potentially sight-damaging and toxic synthetic astaxanthin in order to cover up the graying flesh.

So, how could you find out whether the fish being served to you is farm-raised or wild-caught? Here is how. The wild sockeye’s flesh gets a bright red color from the natural carotenoids and astaxanthin. You can easily differentiate the fish by just looking at its fat. Wild-caught or ‘lean’ fish has thinner fat strips, whereas the farmed one has wider fat strips with a pale pink shade.

Again, the ‘Sockeye’ or ‘Alaskan’ salmon could be a good bet than the ‘Atlantic’ salmon. The sockeye and Alaskan type of salmon is a great source of natural astaxanthin.  

  • Where it’s banned – New Zealand and Australia     

Keep in mind that the majority of salmon sold in food malls and restaurants are farm raised. So, think twice before ordering salmon in your next party!

Ractopamine-Tainted Meat

Farm-raised Salmon

Ractopamine, also called as beta-agonist, is a kind of asthma drug which is used in around 80% of US cattle and pig growth operations. In US, it is a general practice to pump this drug in over 45% pigs, 30% cattle and unknown percentage in turkeys, before slaughter. Some top veterinarians and researchers have found that about 20% of ractopamine still remains in the pork when you buy it from supermarket.

Since 1998, this residual drug has poisoned over 1700 meat consumers. It’s considered as a most destructive component for humans. It’s banned in around 160 countries in the world, and Russia has even banned the import of US meat until it’s certified completely ractopamine-free.         

This dangerous drug impacts the reproductive function, cause premature death and increases mastitis in animals. It breaks down the cardiovascular system of human body, causes chromosomal abnormalities, hyperactivity, and behavioral changes.

  • Where it’s barred – In about 160 countries across Russia, Europe, Taiwan (Republic of China) and mainland China

The meats sold in America are still not being scrutinized for the presence of ractopamine, which is the most shocking thing for Americans.

Olean or Olestra

Olestra Oil

Olean or Olestra is carbohydrate and calorie free fat substitute (cooking oil substitute) made by Procter & Gamble. A couple years ago, TIME magazine listed Olean in 50 most awful products ever invented. A study conducted on rats that were raised on potato chips with Olestra, concluded a significant gain in their weight. In humans, it lowers the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, cause intestinal reactions, leaky bowel syndrome, cramps, and diarrhea.

  • Found in – Corn chips, fat-free snacks, and French fries.
  • Where Olean is banned – Canada and United Kingdom

Arsenic-Laced Chicken

Arsenic-Laced Chicken

The arsenic-laced drugs promote faster growth in animals, and they are approved by FDA to feed animals in the US. It also makes the animal meat look pinker and fresher. The organic form of arsenic is far less toxic than the inorganic one, which is also called as ‘carcinogen’. 

As per the scientific reports, the organic arsenic can convert into its inorganic form. The inorganic arsenic can easily run through the contaminated manure, and then drip into the drinking water.

Even though few companies have voluntarily stopped marketing the arsenic-based feeds in US, thousands of others are still out there in the market. A number of environmental organizations in US have sued FDA for removal of arsenic-laced products from the market.     

  • Found in – Manure fed cows, Poultry
  • Where it is banned – The European Union

One important thing to note that, EU has never sanctioned the usage of arsenic in the animal feed.

Bread containing Potassium Bromide/Bromate

Bread containing Potassium Bromide

Breads that are commonly made from refined white flour contain high levels of potassium bromate. While eating the breads, hotdog buns or hamburgers in restaurants, you actually consume bromide to the great extent.

Baking companies use potassium bromide as an additive for the baking process. They allegedly state that bromide reduces baking time, makes the bread better and elastic to fit into the bread hooks. However, most of the genuine and successful bakers still use only unbromated flour without experiencing any of such ‘structural’ problems.

As per the studies, potassium bromide can potentially damage your nervous system. Over-consumption of such products can even damage your kidney, cause thyroid problems, cancer and gastrointestinal discomfort.

  • Found in ­- Rolls, wraps, bagel chips, bread crumbs and flat breads
  • Where it’s banned – The European Union, Canada and China

BHT and BHA Preservatives

BHT and BHA Preservatives

BHT (butylated hydroxtoluene) and BHA (butylated hydroxanisole) are often used as preservatives in nut mixes, dehydrated potatoes, breakfast cereal, chewing gums, butter spreads, beer and meat. BHA can trigger hyperactivity and allergic reactions in humans. The report of National Toxicology Program 2011 says that BHA could be reasonably anticipated as a human carcinogen. BHT is responsible for malfunction of organ system in humans.

  • Where these preservatives are banned Japan, The United Kingdom and European Union

Brominated Vegetable Oil

Brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, is a specific food additive that prevents citrus flavoring from floating out of the sports drinks and sodas. BVO is derived from soy or corn, bonded with bromine element. Bromine can accumulate in the fatty tissues, thus causing serious health issues to human body. BVO is also linked to birth defects, organ system damage and growth problems. There have been reports of some people that have experienced skin problems, nerve problems and memory loss after excessive drinking of beverage containing BVO.

  • Found in – Fruit-flavored sodas, sports drinks

Where it is banned – Across 100 nations including Japan and European Union

Bleached Flour

Bleached Flour

While a number of countries whiten flour in natural way, American food companies use azodicarbonamide in order to bleach flour at a faster rate. Azodicarbonamide is a harmful chemical which is known to trigger asthma.

  • Found in – Packaged baked foods, breads, boxed pasta mixes, and frozen dinners
  • Where it’s banned – The U.K., Australia and several other European nations

Azodicarbonamide is also used in foamed plastic and sneaker soles. 

rBGH-laced Milk and Dairy Foods

rBGH-laced Milk and Dairy Foods

rBGH (Recombinant bovine growth hormone) is one of the widely used animal drug in US. Even if it streamlines the production of milk in cows, it is highly unsafe for human health. It transforms normal tissues into the cancerous ones, and increase the risk of breast cancer, prostate and colorectal. It’s often seen that rBGH treated cows suffer excessive levels of mastitis, which contaminates the milk with antibiotics and pus.

The rBGH hormones are perilous for cows as well as people. It can potentially cause infertility and turn down the muscle growth.

  • Found in – Milk, dairy products
  • Where it is banned: New Zealand, Australia, European Union, Israel and Canada

It’s Time to Eat REAL and Live Healthy!

Well, you can easily spot out these foods in a lot of US supermarkets. If you want to expel these stuffs from your kitchen, you will need to become more vigilant and see what food sources, additives and chemicals should be dodged from your daily meal. Kicking out processed foods from your kitchen is a proven way to maintain optimal health of you and your family.

Have a healthy diet and stick to the organic-raised, fresh and natural foods to boost your internal vigor in a perfect manner!

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