Could Candida Be Causing Your Weight Gain?

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Candida causes Weight GainCandida – essentially a yeast infection of the gut – is often associated with weight gain because of the unbalancing effects that it can have in your body.

If you have ever suffered from Candida overgrowth, then you are probably very familiar with the sugar cravings that accompany it. Candida yeast literally lives off of sugar, causing you to constantly crave it. And then, the more sugar you eat, the more the Candida multiplies and mutates, causing you to crave even more sugar.

Consuming all those empty calories devoid of nutrition can quickly lead to weight gain, and cause you to feel sluggish while totally throwing off your blood sugar. Eating all that sugar can create that sugar high-sugar crash cycle that we’re all familiar with, throwing you back into a pattern of cravings that leads to sugar addiction. To top this off, you continue to constantly feel hungry because your body isn’t receiving an adequate amount of food that actually contains the nutrients you desperately need. In this way, Candida traps your body in a vicious cycle, starving it of proper nutrition while causing you to gain weight.

Kill Candida and Stop Weight Gain

The key to combating Candida and weight gain is by changing your diet. Essentially, you need to starve the Candida by not eating any sugar-based foods or refined carbohydrates for a while. At the same time, you  must take steps to boost your immune system so that your body can destroy all lingering Candida yeast for good.

The best kinds of foods to strengthen the immunity of your gut are fermented foods. Look for sauerkraut or pickles that say “live cultures” on them. You can also take probiotic supplements, though getting your nutrition from food is always best.

Although you shouldn’t delay fighting back against your Candida infection, you should start S.L.O.W.L.Y. The wonderful beneficial bacteria in these probiotic rich foods are going to restore you to health, but the path can be very uncomfortable if initiated too quickly.

By starving out the Candida and attacking it with probiotics, you are starting a process of “die off”. The toxic emissions from the dying Candida are surfacing and leaving your system. So if you jump into this therapy too quickly, it can create some pretty intense symptoms, including nausea, itchy skin, inability to sleep and overall detoxing-type feelings.

In addition, some people need the aid of herbal anti-fungals or homeopathic remedies. Antibiotics are not recommended because, in the process of killing off the yeast, they also kill off any remaining beneficial bacteria that help you keep the candida from coming back. This leaves you open and vulnerable to experience a relapse.

And beware – the sugar cravings wont die off right away. In fact, as you start your Candida cleanse, the cravings will likely intensify, and may last for a couple of weeks. But don’t disparage – and don’t give in – stick with it, and the craving will fade, along with the infection, and along with the weight gain.

Once you cut out the sugar and refined carbs while incorporating probiotic-rich foods, you will not only beat your Candida, but also stop the vicious pattern of weight gain. It’s definitely a fight to the finish, but once you succeed, you can stop the unwanted weight gain in it’s tracks, and regain your balance, energy, strength, and a healthier, trimmer body

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