7 Tips to Break Your Fat Loss Plateau

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131992248It’s easy to stick with an exercise routine when the results are rolling in.

As long as the numbers on the scale are getting smaller, working out and dieting seem totally worth it. But, at some point, eventually there’s a fat loss stalemate. You didn’t miss a workout and you didn’t cheat on your diet. Still, you’re not able to progress past this sticking point.

You’re feeling frustrated and deflated – that’s understandable. You can’t pinpoint the cause of this fat loss plateau. And you just feel like giving up.

But whatever you do, don’t quit! Know this: it happens to everyone at some point, on any weight loss and exercise plan. Instead of giving up, use these weight loss tips and tools for getting back on track and overcoming a fat loss plateau.

7 Tips To Break Your Fat Loss Plateau:

1. Mix It Up

If you do the same workout every time you set foot in the gym, your body will adapt to this routine. If you’re jogging, eventually you’ll have to run further or faster. If you’re weight training, at some point you will have to increase the amount of weight you use and vary the exercises being performed. Keep reading to find out how to mix up your cardio and strength routines effectively…

2. Run Faster

Walking and jogging are great for improving or maintaining well being. But, in order to lose weight, it’s best to up the intensity. Try giving it your all in a sprint for 10 sets of 30 to 60 seconds. This type of interval training burns more calories in less time than a long run. Instead of hopping on the elliptical or stationary bike for an hour, try 20-30 minutes of hill sprints or shuttle runs instead.  

3. Move More Weight

Strength training should be a primary component of any weight loss routine. But the focus should not be on hundreds of repetitions at a light weight. To build muscle and keep up fat loss, try 6 to 8 repetitions at a heavier weight. Don’t worry; this won’t make you big and bulky. However, it will help you build a strong and lean physique, and will help re-trigger fat loss again.

4. Keep It Compound

When it comes to strength training, stick to compound exercises. Using dumbbells or a barbell to perform exercises, like the squat, will deliver better results than isolated exercises. Isolated exercises, for instance, like the biceps curl, only focus on one muscle group at a time, while compound movements engage multiple muscle groups. Opting for free weights over exercise machines is another way to create a more effective and functional weight loss routine.

5. Do It All

For most, weight training and cardiovascular conditioning are separate events. However, combining the two into one workout can speed up fat loss. Create a circuit with these weight loss tips that feature periods of intense cardio paired with strength training moves like a push-up, squat, or kettlebell swing. Alternating between periods of strength and cardio, work and rest, is a surefire way to stimulate fat loss and rev-up the metabolism.

6. Eat More

Yes, really. Eating more may seem like a terrible weight loss tip, but it’s true. If you’re exerting yourself during exercise, but eating too few calories, your body will rebel. That’s why it’s a good idea to track your caloric intake and the foods you’re eating. When energy levels and motivation dip, it might be time to put some more gas in the tank. But this isn’t an excuse to start adding junk back into your diet – fuel up with more healthy, protein-packed foods, like chicken, fish, and eggs, as well as lots of veggies.

7. Get Some ‘R and R’

Fat loss is not all about work; rest is important too. Not exercising is unhealthy, but so is exercising too much without taking time off. If you’re getting sick or feeling drained of energy, it might be time to back off the intensity. Prevent a complete breakdown altogether by sleeping eight hours each night and taking time off between workouts.

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