10 Ways To Get Enough Fruits and Veggies

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10 Ways To Get Enough Fruits and VeggiesYou have this healthy eating thing down – you’ve cut back on fatty cuts of meat, added more low-fat dairy and even switched to whole grains.

But fitting in the recommended nine servings of fruits and vegetables is still daunting. Consuming ample amounts of fresh produce is a cornerstone of any healthy eating plan. The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables help protect you from chronic disease. Healthy eating with fruits and vegetables also comes with an added bonus – produce is generally very low in calories and high in water and fiber, making them your very best friend when it comes to weight loss without starving yourself.

But the eternal dilemma remains – how do you get all the recommended fruit and veggie servings in every day without feeling condemned to a life of rabbit food? Here are ten simple tips that can help you make fruits and vegetables a natural and delicious part of every meal and snack.

10 Tricks to Include More Fruits and Vegetables into your Healthy Eating Diet

780571451) Sneak greens into your morning smoothie to kick start a day of healthy eating. Pre-washed baby spinach has a mild flavor, and is easy to toss into the blender with a frozen banana, yogurt, frozen berries and a drizzle of honey for an on-the-go antioxidant boost.

Try this delicious and energizing Raspberry and Spinach Smoothie

Next: Load up your sandwich…


1604702842) Load up your sandwich. Dark greens, shredded carrots, sliced tomatoes, bell pepper rings, diced onions, dimes of cucumber, sprouts and more create an amazing medley of flavors in your sandwich while adding the perfect amount of satisfying crunch. Skip the mayo and spread in some ripe avocado or hummus for complimentary creaminess instead.

Try this Perfect Turkey Sandwich

Next: Hide them in sauce…

865075473) Stew up freshly cut veggies like zucchini, red peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onion, shredded carrots, mushrooms and beans in some olive oil, and add to your home-made or jarred tomato sauce the next time you make spaghetti, chicken marinara, lasagna, meatballs or pizza.

Next: Handy snack packs…

200395987-0014) Bring fruit and baggies of pre-cut vegetables to work on Monday, to last you for the entire week. Every morning, place some of the veggies and fruit in a bowl on your desk. Reach for these instead of hitting the vending machine when the afternoon munchies hit to help you maintain healthy eating habits.

Next: Oatmeal fruit medley

1345457415) Top your morning oatmeal with berries, sliced banana, chopped apples, peaches, etc. You can even punch up the beta-carotene content while adding a fabulous hint of sweetness by stirring in some pureed pumpkin.  An additional sprinkling of almonds on top will make this a filling, fiber-rich and energizing healthy eating breakfast.

Try this Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipe for Cherry Pumpkin Oatmeal

Next: Salad substitutions…

DSC_04456) Sub a green salad in for the side dish of fries or onion rings next time you eat out. Most restaurants are also willingly substitute rice or mashed potato side dishes with seasonal steamed vegetables to support your healthy eating.

Check Out This Fresh Backyard Salad Recipe

Next: Dip ‘em…

1575845077) Dip baby carrots, cucumber slices, celery or jicama sticks into hummus, guacamole or salsa in lieu of calorie-dense potato or corn chips.

Make Your Own Authentic Middle-Eastern Hummus

Next: Sneak them into desserts…

1666221588) Turn vegetables and fruits into desserts. Grill peaches on the BBQ with a dollop of cold yogurt. Make healthy, sugar-free, low-fat caramel apples by pasting home-made, raw, vegan, fiber-rich caramel sauce on fresh apples. Or sneak fruits and veggies into other sweet treats so that your kids will never suspect; zucchini cake, carrot muffins, pumpkin brownies or frozen banana ice “cream” all tend to be big hits with kids…and with adults.

Indulge in Chocolate Fudge Black Bean Brownies with Sweet Potato Fudge

Next: Soups…

1208929219) Soups can make a vegetable-eater’s life much easier. You can try out endlessly unique combinations of different vegetables in soup, or just dump whatever left-over veggies you’ve got from the fridge into a pot with some broth and you can’t go wrong. Make a big pot that will last you through the week for simple thermos lunches or ready-made dinners.

Try Immune-Boosting Carrot Cashew & Ginger Soup 

Next: Make fruit and veggie eating more convenient…

16022882910) Buy pre-washed veggies and fruits to keep on hand in the fridge and remind you of your commitment to healthy eating. If you don’t have to prepare them, you are more likely to reach for them to create a salad or stir fry.        



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